Q&A Days in Large-Enrollment Classes

Carol Rogers (Economics) · Round 4

Students face many challenges in learning technical economic models from lectures, in large-enrollment lecture classes. To improve student learning of technical macroeconomic models, Principal Investigator Carol Rogers designed a project to experiment in her ECON 002 Macro Principles classes in Spring 2015 (enrollment per section approximately 300). On two occasions, she replaced her regular lecture with a large-scale question and answer session. Students were required to prepare for the session by (i) viewing a set of 5-minute Lecture Captures that develop the technical details of an economic model, and (ii) completing a set of follow-up assessments (tests) in Blackboard.

In this ITEL project, students view a set of Lecture Captures to prepare for class and take follow-up quizzes. During the next class period, Rogers guides the class through an extension of the Lecture Capture analysis, via in-class polls. The primary goal of this innovation is to strengthen student understanding of economic models.