The Pilgrimage Project

JR Osborn (CCT), Gretchen Henderson (English), Lisa Strong (Art and Museum Studies), Evan Barba (CCT) · Round 5

“The Pilgrimage Project” cultivates a spirit of contemplation to re­engage space and place on Georgetown University’s campus. The project consists of two overlapping phases, which involve five different undergraduate and graduate courses. The first phase creates a deeply­layered, multi­perspective archive of Georgetown’s Old North building and history. Students from these five courses will contribute to the archive with responses to, information about, and research into the space. The second phase entails the design and construction of digital interfaces for accessing the archive. Each faculty member is leading one of the five interdisciplinary courses through which students will study and curate Old North as a piece of architecture, create written and multi-media pieces inspired by the site, and ultimately work to design an interactive installation in the building itself. In addition to screen-based interaction, the team of faculty plan a rich augmented reality (AR) and site-specific installation. A ribbon-cutting event will invite visitors to interact with the AR and installed technology. Old North will become a site of actual and digital pilgrimage, inspiring contemplation, awareness, and interaction.