Student-Centered Learning through A Domain of One's Own

A Domain of One's Own is a streamlined toolset for providing faculty and students with flexible online learning environments. This cohort will explore how Georgetown faculty can incorporate flexible online spaces into their course utilizing the Domain of One's Own toolset. Faculty are invited to develop platforms customized to their course needs; possible uses include student ePortfolios, course wikis, or dynamic course websites.

Cohort Facilitators

Maggie Debelius, Marie Selvanadin

Cohort Members

  • Francisca Cho, Theology | Fall 2015
    "Interactive Research Writing"
  • Hiroshi Nakai, Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology | Fall 2015
    "Narrative-Based Learning"
  • Lahra Smith, SFS | Fall 2015
    "African Studies Gateway Theory and Politics in Africa"
  • Monica Maxwell-Paegle, EFL | Fall 2015
    "Developing Writing and Analytical Skills through Visualization, Collaboration, and Digital Scaffolding"
  • Scott Taylor, African Studies | Fall 2015
    "African Studies Gateway Theory and Politics in Africa"
  • Tommaso Astarita, History | Fall 2015
    "E-Portfolio workshop for historians"